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Tag Archives: October

October is my favorite month, by far. Not only was I (and many other awesome people) born during this month, it also usually has my favorite type of weather (sunny, crisp, breezy), it showcases the leaves as they die their beautiful death, and includes one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. But there are so many more reasons to love October.

From the Latin for eight (octo), October was originally the eighth month of the year under the Roman calendar. In 46 BC, with the introduction of the Julian calendar (later developed into the Gregorian calendar we use today), came the months of January and February, pushing October to the 10th-month position.      

Nevertheless, packed into the 31 days of October are a plethora of holidays—ranging from obscure to widely-celebrated, religious to secular, serious to sarcastic. Every day, in fact, has some reason to celebrate, honor, or contemplate.