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So I suppose I am now a blogger– which means that my aversion to word ‘blog’ has been (at least temporarily) subdued. It also means that I am ready to start sharing my writing…. or, more accurately, that I am forcing myself to be ready.

So what can be expected from this blog? While I make no promises, I hope to entertain, enlighten, and distract. I’m fascinated by so much in the world– food, art, literature, pop culture, travel, fashion, animal behavior, etymology, history, superstitions, cultural traditions and taboos, mythology, symbols, random/useless information, etc.– that I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to focus on. But through this forum I hope to present information that interests people, that makes them think and makes them chuckle.

This will not be a online diary (in the traditional “Today I woke up and it was raining so I went to the movies then to lunch with my best friend and we both had salads and they were delicious” sense). I do not feel my life is that interesting…. yet. While I may mention my day-to-day habits, adventures, interactions, etc., this will not be my main source of information. I live in a great city and draw a lot of inspiration from it. So you can expect to hear a lot about Baltimore and its unique history and attractions. I love to eat, so you can expect to hear a great deal about food as well. Other than that (at the grave risk of sounding cliche) the sky’s the limit.

Please stay tuned for upcoming posts, feel free to comment and track away, and let me know if there’s any facet of life you’d like to know more about….. Thanks!



  1. I feel the need to comment, so I have.

  2. Oh, and my sister is a super user when it comes to WordPress. She has built a pretty robust website, so if you need any help, let me know. Im sure you know what youre doing anyway and probably have people that can help, but figured that I would offer anyway. If you want to check it out, it is I have no idea when it was last updated, but it will give you an idea of how she sets it up. Ciao!

  3. Hey there, ideclaire!!
    Thanks for swinging on by to Pajamas and Coffee! I am proud if I inspired you even the tiniest bit! Congratulations on your new blog! Come by again soon.

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